Hi! Glad your here! I'm a wife, mother, and true girly girl. I bring you ALL THINGS GIRLY while working to be budget friendly! Let's share together!

About Me

My name is Heather and well, where should I start? Ah yes...the beginning... first and foremost in my life I'm a mother.  Being a mother is not only the hardest, most challenging job but its also very rewarding.  I love being a mom and doing "mom things" but sometimes its just so hard to keep up with all the many things going on in life.

As a mother, I've learned what the most important things are in life.  Makeup!  Just kidding...I've learned that everything we do is a working progress and to what degree we succeed relies solely on our attitudes.  In order to become the person we want to be...or want our children to be...we have to learn to drowned out all the doubts we have about ourselves and push forward.  

No matter what age you are remember to always tell yourself that you are a working process and everything happens one step at a time.  "Surprise your doubts with ACTION", Danielle LePorte, a Canadian Author and Blogger has truly inspired me to have a good attitude with every aspect of my life.

I'm also a wife and a full-time adult student working to finish my Science degree in Business Administration which is also very challenging.  I  currently work part-time for a great corporate company whom which i've been employed by for the past five years now.  Wow, that's just unbelievable.  Anyway...

As life gets more serious and becomes challenging in different ways we do need to remember to have a little fun every now and then.  Okay like ALOT!!!!  As much as possible please.  And by fun I mean sooo many different things...  If you follow me here or on any of my social media sites you'll easily see my attention deficit to the magnitude of hobbies that I like to take on and here is why... For one, I'm ADD and two, well, if I see something I like...I typically want to try it, test it, use it, or make it and I won't stop until I succeed. Regardless of my attention deficit disorder though, I'm always consistent at being a girly girl and following fashion and makeup trends. 

I even consider myself to be a little "geek chic" because I love all sorts of gadgets, computers, etc. On occasion I will probably post things gadget related, but it will most definitely be on the girly side. I am a huge bargain hunter who is on a very tight fashion and beauty budget. 

My goal for this Blog is to bring you the best deals possible on beauty and fashion trends. I also plan to post things such as How to's, DIY's & Tutorials on a variety of girly things, home goods, party planning, etc, etc.  I think you get the picture.  I want to share cool things with you that I get excited about enough to run and tell my friends about! My friends mean YOU!

I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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