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Monday, July 20, 2015

Wantable Accessories - July 2015

** If you are interested in receiving this box here is my personal referral link: https://www.wantable.com/invites/WS3ZAwwRYdg

1. Ashton Earrings - Retail: $.  My Price: $.

Not too big...not too small..and super girly glam! Very cute!

2. Brooke Studs Gold - Retail: $.  My Price: $.

No! Way to big for my style. I like granny stuff some of the time but this is just too much. It reminds me of my moms and grandmas late 80s-early 90s gaughty earrings! 

3. Jayden Necklace Gold - Retail: $.  My Price: $.

I didn't really care for the quality of this necklace. Looks prettier in the picture than in person. The style is meh..okay..but not usually what I go for. 

4. Ariel Scarf G - Retail: $.  My Price: $.

Very beautiful! Nice quality. Soft appearance and soft to touch. I'll be keeping it even though I have too many scarves as it is!

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