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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

French Dip is a "rip"

Have you tried it?

I got my nails done last week.  The technique used was new to me.  I'm always easily convinced when it comes to trying something new so I decided that I would try this new nail technique out.

After one week I'm just NOT that impressed.  It was said to last "up to" 4 weeks.  Sure, I knew it wasn't actually going to last up to 4 weeks but....bluh...

The main reason I don't like it is really because of the poor technical skill of the person applying it.  It was sloppy from the beginning and I actually returned 2 days later to have my nails smoothed and reshaped.  They looked fat and wide at the tips because the amount of dips outweighed the amounts of pink powder.  Although the amount of layers were the same, the amount that sticks to the actual nail is less. You'll see in the video how it's applied and then you'll know what I'm talking about. :)

I took lots of pictures to show you:

They ARE shiny and durable but I'm just not that into acrylic-like nails anymore. I feel like they're becoming a thing of the past. Especially with all these new nail gels, shellac, etc.

These nails were suppose to be flexible and thin and they are neither of those things. They're thick, uneven, and MOST DEFINITELY NOT natural looking.

If you like acrylic-like nails than I WOULD recommend this to you considering all the healthy benefits compared to the acrylic nails.... but once again...it's just not for me.

Sooo...okay, they don't look horrible, but for the amount paid $38.00 I'm just not that impressed.

I'm still curious if it'll mess up my nails when I go back to the nail salon to soak them off...which I'll probably have to do early next week. 2 weeks of (basically acrylic-like) nails for $38.00...?? NO THANK YOU! I'll stick to my IMpress press-on nails and if I DO plan to pay $$ to get my nails done again it's going to be shellac or a really pretty design. I'm so through with acrylic-like nails.

I'll keep you posted with the aftermath/Soak-off and I'll post plenty more pics.

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