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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Fresh Makeup

In order to achieve this look:

Products Used:

Primer: Pixi Flawless & Poorless primer. It's a lighter version silicone-type primer. A great smoother/primer that doesn't feel icky. :)

Foundation: I used my Asian BB Cream MISSHA that I received from my Glossybox. If you're wondering why there are two tubes, it's because I have to mix them for the right color. One is too light (#23) and one is too dark (#27)

Concealer: I used Mac Pro longwear Concealer (NW 20-it has a slightly peachy undertone) and added it to my under eye area in a V-shape.
Technique used: Start under the corner of your eye with a small concealer brush and bring it down along-side your nose, stopping just above "nostril area". From that point, finish the V-shape by dragging the brush toward (but not to) your temples and fill. This technique will give you a fresh glow to your under eyes and tops of cheeks. This is also considered to be that Kim Kardashian type highlight. I personally just tone it down. Take it to whatever "level" of fill/highlight that you're comfortable with. I also added a slight strip to the bridge of my nose for highlight.

**I buffed the BB cream and highlight concealer with a jumbo fan brush. Then added a very thin application of Mac's Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium. Adding these 2 steps to your everyday look is equivalent to icing on the cake. It's THAT important in my overall look!

Cheeks: I used Model Co. Lip & Cheek stain in Rosy Red (also from my Glossybox) to add to the apples of my cheeks and applied some to my lips for a base coat/slight tint.

Lips: Model Co. Lip tint (obviously) and topped with Revlon Lip Butter in Creme brûlée.

Contour: I then applied Benefit Hoola matte bronzer for contour to the hallows of my cheeks, sides of my nose, and the top of my forehead.

Highlight: I used Mac Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. I added to my cheek bones, bridge of nose, and just a dab above my brows (the outer-most part of my brows) for the extra glow.

Eyes: I went very simple for a very refreshed spring-like look. I lined both my top and bottom water-line with a black liner by Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in zero. I added a liquid liner to the top lash line, in a dark brownish-black color called Demolition, also from Urban Decay.
I then added a lengthening mascara by Mac, called Extended Play Gigablack Lash.

Brows: Don't neglect your brows or they'll get lost in your overall look. Brush your brow with a brow brush to tame into place. Using a brow pencil that matches your brows (mine is Jordana 01 Taupe) start at the tail portion of brows in light strokes/swipes and work toward the larger portion focusing more toward the bottom of brow. You'll want to have lighter stokes The higher up you go in your brow (from bottom to top). (That's my best written explanation...haha.) Seal with a clear brow-gel.



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