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Sunday, March 24, 2013


About 6 months ago I discovered a phone case that opens like a book and performs (somewhat) like a wallet.  I purchased it on Very Jane for $4.99 +tax!  Since adding my phone and cards to it 6 months ago I've discovered that I can't live without this type of case ever again.  I'm currently looking for a new one and in the mean time I realized..."why have I not blogged about this awesome gadget that I so love!?"...so here it goes.

The top 3 pictures are of the case I currently own and purchased from Very Jane. The rest of the phone cases are from Shop Lately.

I'm a huge fan of Shop Lately and I found a few that were only $13 +tax. If you don't own an iPhone, don't worry, I noticed they also carry these type of cases for the Galaxy phone as well.

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